Fernor Walnut Type

Fernor is a French-based, Franquatte & Lara hybrid.

In our country 50 m to 1800 m altitude is recommended for places where, especially in the early spring frost and late autumn frosts in places where the garden is recommended to install.

Since it is a late flowering type (flowers bloom in early May), it is not damaged by late spring frosts.

In the autumn until the beginning of November fernor walnut tree to the winter rests so that the young shoots of the tree and other places are not damaged by the early autumn frosts.

It is a cold resistant variety.

Tree is a kind of medium-strong and semi-upright growing.

Early fruit.

Fruits are high quality, quite large berries.

It is an efficient tree.

The fence system is suitable for breeding (8 * 4 or 8 * 8 rows and above can be applied).

From the trees of six years to about 100 kg per decare, when the full yield, 400-500 kg per decare can be taken.

Powdered with Fernette and Franquette.

Tolerant to bacterial blight.

It is harvested towards the end of September.

Chandler Walnut Type

The Chandler Walnut Plant was introduced to the University of California in 1979. While Chandler walnut seedlings are being produced in America for 37 years, the mass production of Chandler walnut seedlings in our country has gained importance in recent years.

Chandler nut fruit is smooth, thin-skinned, white inward.

The tree is medium-sized and semi-perpendicular and holds fruit on the end branches.

Regular pruning is required every year as it keeps fruit on annual shoots.

Chandler is resistant to frosts according to other walnut varieties.

Walnut is more resistant to bacterial blight and apple inner worm.

Chandler walnut seedlings are dusted with Fernette and Franquette varieties.

The bark of Chandler’s fruit is slightly rough, oval and medium thickness.

Fruits in clusters of branches of Chandler trees are 1-4.

Fruit weight is 12-14 gr and the internal weight is 6-8 gr.

Its internal efficiency is around 50%.

Its fruit is white.

The ratio of fruit to the side branches is 80-90%.

Fruits ripen at the end of September and harvested.

Fernette Walnut Type

French origin is a productive variety.

Chandler and Fernor are planted as pollinators of walnut varieties.

Fernette walnut saplings are not affected by late spring frosts.

Although it is a pollinator, the fruit quality has a high yield.

It can be planted in high altitude places above 50-1800 meters.

The closure of new branches of exile ends in early November, so it is not affected by late autumn frosts.

Fruit yield is good in the side branches.


Fruits are easily separated.

Fruits are 1, 2, 3 and 4 in clusters.

Fruit weight is approximately 12 gr.

Internal efficiency is 49%, fat content is 51% and protein ratio is 20%.

It is being hasvested at the end of September.


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